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When it comes to finding your customers online, or more accurately, having your customers find you, you might think it should be easy. But with all the online competition, the marketing tools in place, and the capital going towards Internet marketing, it is still a very complex and at times frustrating concern for many businesses. In the medical industry there are thousands, if not millions, of medical websites in business educating and soliciting their customers in the same disciplines and on the same topics as your group. What will make you stand out? Turning a medical website into a traffic conversion machine must always start with proper attention to web design.

Why is the design of your medical website so important? For a number of reasons. To begin with, it is your only face in a sea of many competitors and lots of Internet traffic. In all that online noise, you need to be able to stand out and present a trustworthy reputation.

Moreover, when offering high-end products and/or services, the more information you need to offer and present in an aesthetically pleasing and professional manner. Otherwise, visitors aren’t going to convert into paying clients. Many businesses think they can just use basic web skills to create a website that will do well enough, but the usual problem with this is that typically it isn’t very functional.

Many of these websites don’t use the right tools and links for navigation, the right web design elements, and other aspects of a trustworthy and compelling website. Companies who specialize in medical website design take these and many other aspects in consideration when building and developing a site, usually following these four basic tips on web design:

  1. Use Images: When online, a searcher wants to spend less time doing everything. This is why they are more attracted to sites with more images and fewer words. Many popular healthcare websites use medical animations effectively. A more knowledgeable visitor is more likely to convert.

  2. Make It Simple: Another common error of first timers in medical website design is that they offer the customer too many options, thus confusing them. You want to make the process as easy as possible for a customer to use and buy your product. Not only important for visitors to your site, but the search engines reward those sites that do their best to enhance the visitor’s experience. Keep your menu item list short -- under 7 if possible.

  3. Show Off Your Facility: In many cases, poorly-designed medical websites do not use photos to represent their offices or services because they are less tangible. A smart medical website designer will find photos and graphic images that will convey your message.

  4. Usability: Make sure that you also make your medical website design friendly to the user. Consider what steps you might take, and gear your design to that. Is it easy to navigate? Do you address their initial concern, that reason they came to your site in the first place? Are most pages only one or two clicks away from the home page? Is your location and contact information easy to find on every page? Can they easily get back to the home page?

Keep in mind that an informed visitor is more likely to convert into a client. Ensure that your site is presented in an aesthetically pleasing and professional manner, that navigation is simple and straightforward, and that you reduce all barriers to visitors becoming new patients/clients.

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